Tuesday, October 04, 2005

5 Glendevon Road

Another day of packing, sorting and cleaning done... I've even managed to make an appointment for Banjo to get his jags at the vets tomorrow morning which I've been putting off for weeks (ok, months – I'm not sure which of us hates it most). Yet no matter how much I tick off my 'to do' list it still seems to fill the page when I start a new piece of paper!

A week today and I'll have moved out of this house! Not entirely sure where I'll be staying the last two nights up here, I'll worry about that one later – maybe on Sunday... It's been a good place to live this past 18 months and I've been lucky with my various flatmates – Phil, Ruth, Jonny, Mez and Emanuele and of course the feline ruler of the roost Banjo =)

So many people have visited over my time here – it really has lived up to Croydon Road standards in that respect (my home in Newcastle upon Tyne for four years) - and without the mouldy bathroom and taste free d├ęcor to boot! I had realised I'd missed that steady stream of visitors and the ability to say to people 'sure, of course you can stay' without having someone grumping about it or even turning round and saying no, or having to endlessly apologise for the building site that passed for a home. I'm looking forward to the Bed & Breakfast side of being Resident Friend. Maybe not the fact that it may involve making civilised conversation at 7.30am (I am so not a mornings person – not until 10am anyroad!) but to meeting whoever the wind blows in my path. I've always liked the line in Advices & Queries 26. Try to make your home a place of loving friendship and enjoyment, where all who live or visit may find the peace and refreshment of God's presence. I'm not sure how well I've succeeded, but I certainly feel the closest I've come to achieving that is here.

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