Tuesday, October 18, 2005

back at last!

Sorry it's taken me a few days but I'm now just about organised and settled in to my new home here in Wellington.

I'm not entirely sure that I've really got my head around the fact that I'm not just here for the week again, especially with spending the first couple of days at Marion & Quentin's, my usual Wellington crash pad! But last night I slept at George Fox House (what they've re-christened the Friends Centre) in what is now my bed... all very strange.

It is good to be back, not least because of the sunshine - something I hadn't seen for about a week before leaving Edinburgh. Wandering around town yesterday, doing some shopping and basically re-orientating myself I had to keep reminding myself that as this time I wasn't going to have to move on again so soon remembering properly where things are really would be a good plan rather than just 'well it's around here somewhere' and hoping if I meander around long enough I'll get to where I need to be. The big New World supermarket and Commonsense Organics (Real Foods isn't a patch on this place!) are all of about 5 mins walk from where I live (ok, probably 10 with heavy bags) so I'm well chuffed about that as I can stick to shopping in dribs and drabs as I feel inspired rather than having to do a big shop and lug it all back/scrounge a lift, which reminds me I need to pop back down the road soon and get some veges (as they spell it here...)

I got to Meeting on Sunday which I was very impressed with myself for managing as none of M&Q or Fran were able to go for various reasons so I needed to be up and out on me ownsome, slowed down somewhat by my sore ankle (I twisted it trying to get my heavy bags onto a bus at Auckland airport - don't worry Mum, it's ok now and after all Marion is a doctor!). The first two people I met coming up the road were Jonathan and Llyn who I know (I earned serious brownie points from Llyn by remembering his name - he was most chuffed!) and there were a fair few others I remembered from Summer Gathering and previous visits here, I do need to have a read through the book of members though and put names to all the familiar faces.

We've had glorious sunshine since I got here, but it still gets nippy in the evenings, a reminder that it is still spring not summer and as Krissy will point out to anyone who will listen they just don't do central heating here so I've been glad of being reunited with my microfleece jacket I left here (intentionally!) in January.

Anyway, best toddle off, we've a funeral here this afternoon so need to make sure all is in right ordering before Holly arrives to set stuff up - first full day here as RF, have to start on the right foot (albeit carefully, that's the one I sprained!).

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Aimee said...

Wow! I can't believe you're in New Zealand! Does it feel a bit surreal? It seems weird to me. =) ahh, how I miss New Zealand...