Friday, October 21, 2005

off to Wanganui!

Or Whanganui... it seems to have both spellings around but it is usually both spelt and pronounced with a 'W' not a 'Wh' - which leads to various leg pulling comments from those from elsewhere about the locals inability to spell/pronounce. (by the way 'ng' is pronounced like the ng in sing)

Anyway Wanganui is where the Quaker Settlement is ( has more info) and there is an event being held called 'Tending our Meetings' which I didn't expect to be going to having just arrived and whatnot but then Marion rang yesterday late afternoon to say did I want to go? Apparently she'd been chatting to Merilyn at the Settlement and they seemed to decide between them it'd be good if I could be there. So, Esther and Martin will come in and open up the QMH for me etc and Fran and I head up the road this afternon, coming back on Monday - it's Labour Day here and thus a public holiday and a red letter day on the calendar... and despite all this it still didn't register until yesterday afternoon that it was OCTOBER 24th and therefore Jon's birthday, ho hum - your pressie will be late - again (sorry...)

So now I'm all excited as there will be all sorts of people there I know who I wasn't expecting to see until Summer Gathering, however this does mean I've got to blitz the QMH and Quaker Centre today so best get a move on....

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