Tuesday, October 25, 2005

random ramblings


If you manage to check this out before they change the website you'll see Krissy in her new found role as Kubuntu girl! (who wants to be a vet anyway?) With Kubuntu programming courtesy of Jonny Riddell - well ok so most folk call him Jonathan these days but there are too many of those in my life not to differentiate... oh heck, must get to the shops still and get Jon(athan)'s pressie having wished him happy birthday by Skype (my) this morning/(his) last night, and text Jonathan to say happy birthday for today... confused? How do you think I feel?! Whilst on birthdays - happy birthday Aidan for tomorrow, well my tomorrow, your day after...

The post has just arrived - with a Christmas stamp on it. Now far from it for me to be a party pooper but isn't October just a teensy weensy bit early? Or does this mean that if I'm to send snail mail for Christmas I need to get my head around it now??? Ok, advanced warning - Christmas as far as I'm concerned will now be happening in January... well at least that is an improvement on this year - my midwinter festive season circular went out in February/March and I couldn't even blame it on being in the wrong season - altho' I did spend Christmas day on a plane apparently running along a few hours ahead of the tsunami. Scary thought to think that some of those who got off the plane in Bangkok having flown with me from London could have been wiped out less than 24hrs later.

It was fantastic to spend this last weekend with so many of those I was with at the turn of the year at Summer Gathering in Ngaruawahia, I really didn't expect to see some of them again so soon. There's heaps from Wanganui still floating around in my head needing to crystalise before writing about it so I'd best leave that for another time and see if there is anything in the other post box - what is it with outside postboxes anyway? I suppose you don't get drafty letterboxes in the door that way but you get wet going for the post if it's raining and the post gets damp if you aren't there to get it straight away...


Martin said...

You're turning into a Geek, Anna ;-)

You should give the new Kubuntu a go - try the Live CD (it runs off the CD (rather slowly mind) so it won't touch your machine):
Downloads available from here

Unless you really need deep Excel functionality (or Windows games like Settlers (hi Lucy!)), it'll handle most any task you'd want Windows for. I was pretty impressed.

Anna Dunford said...

Me? A geek? Nah, that would mean actually knowing something about the techie side of things instead of going 'oh wow - picture of Krissy!' Kind of along the lines of my knowledge of cars - ie what colour is it?