Wednesday, October 19, 2005

siesta time...

Ok, so I'm maybe not quite over jetlag yet - a siesta is seriously called for, had to resort to reading the displays on the walls to keep awake through Midweek Meeting for Worship - thankfully only half an hour long - as I didn't have anyone sitting next to me to dig me in the ribs if I became in danger of dropping off either to sleep and/or my chair...

I'm managing to remember to put on sunblock - although if I don't remember to do it early enough I head off down the street looking like the Witchery tours guide who dresses up as a vampire as my sunblocks starts off white so you can see where you've put it! Well I guess better that than ending up with streaky sunburn.

One thing I hadn't expected was to be ahead of the game on the environmental front - Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting has a strong environmental stance yet the Quaker Meeting House (QMH) here doesn't have a policy on using eco-friendly, recycled, energy saving products etc and recycling is up to the whim of the RF. I've already asked for a compost bin (there's a garden here) and will ask about the other things when I meet Premises Committee in a few weeks, might just sneak a few changes through as stuff runs out although I guess it'd be best to check with the treasurer! At least I got in to her good books by being able to do them =) The relief on her face when I said I'd done bookkeeping was huge. Looks like between us we'll be changing a few systems... just as well I like doing that kind of thing and have the experience from Edinburgh QMH to draw on. Thankfully altho' there are two 'accounts' (the B&B scheme and the QMH/Quaker Centre bookings) it is all one currency unlike JWP - running 'petty cash' in over a dozen currencies and reconciling exchange rates changes each month was not my idea of fun.

Anyway I'm struggling to focus so best crash out for a wee whiley, and there was me being all proud of myself this morning for having got over jetlag quicker this time - that'll teach me to get cocky!

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