Thursday, October 20, 2005

some random kiwiana...

(for those not used to British English either the Kiwi version is on the left!)

chippies = crisps
chilly box = cool box
jandals = flip flops
dairy = corner shop
domain = park (as in flowers, trees, grass etc not cars!)
kumera = sweet potato (and you can buy kumera chips at the chip shop)

The pedestrian crossings sound like a Pacman game

Postage depends on how big the envelope is, not how heavy it is

The $2 coins are similar size to our 2 pound coins (just discovered there is no pound sign on the keyboard!) and the $1 dollar coins are like our 1 pound coins - unlike Australia where they are the other way around. You can put the notes through the wash and even iron them if you feel so inclined and they'll still survive and spend.

Nastursiums flower in spring, so does lavender, instead of late summer/autumn (or quite possibly as well as!)

In Te Reo (Maori) wh = f and all words end with a pronounced vowel.

The clocks changed last weekend so we're currently 12 hours ahead of Britain - but now I don't know when they change in Britain, but when they do we'll be +13 hrs them and GMT!

Kiwi Marmite is worse than Vegemite (in my humble opinion!), well what do you expect from a company called Sanitarium?

Avocados and asparagus are ridiculously cheap compared to British prices, oh and Dad, they have Red Desire potatoes in Commonsense - so you'll be ok!

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Aimee said...

This was great Anna! Made me laugh. =) I remember the cross walks very well from my visit a few years ago. They do sound like the pacman game!