Tuesday, September 19, 2006

bah humbug

the BBC online radio coverage of the Ashes is UK only - what good is that I ask you? Hardly any hours of time difference and I still won't be able to listen to it - pah.

Sulking now.

As far as I can make out the Aussie coverage isn't even online and the Tasman is just a wee bitty tooo wide to be able to pick up their local radio stations from here.

There aren't many things I miss about Britain but Test Match Special is one of them, and as Fran and I were discussing earlier much as we hate to have to admit it Marks & Sparks is another - their underwear for me and trousers that fit for her. Cotton non-underwired bras and short length trousers just don't seem to have reached NZ. Ah well, if that's the worst of it I reckon we'll manage to survive out here somehow =) Parental couriers to the rescue.... (altho' that still doesn't solve the cricket issue).

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Michelle said...

Thats a shame. I happened upon your blog when looking for missionaries . . . I will be looking forward to hearing more about Quakers. Can't say I know much at all.