Saturday, September 16, 2006


For you non-kiwi english speakers a tramp is what a Brit would call a hike, in this case a walk of about 15km (dunno miles - they don't do those on signposts here, and I don't do mental arithmetic if I can avoid it...) of rather steep up and down for the most part, hardly a soul to be seen for several hours nor even a house - just miles of ocean, the scrub covered hills around us and the mountains in the distance. The only signs of life being various ferries and an occassional fishing boat.

We just got the No3 bus from the middle of town to Karori Wildlife Sanctuary started walking up past the windmill and golf ball and over to Pariwhero (Red Rocks) and got the No1 bus back from Island Bay 6hrs later - we probably didn't even leave the city limits and it only cost $12 for all four of us for a group day ticket on the bus! Nae bad eh? These days $12 is about £4.

For me being able to do this kind of thing is part of the beauty of Wellington - we had to make sure we weren't back too late as Alex is off to the opera - one extreme of Welly life to another...

We got fantastic views across to South Island where we could see the snow capped peaks of the Kaikoura Range and towards the Richmond mountains between Picton & Nelson which I'll be seeing from much closer next weekend on my way to JYF Camp. Alex, Hannah & I were busy taking lots of photos - probably all of the same views so those with us all as Flickr contacts could get a distinct feeling of déja vue soon! I think Marion felt quite left out... I've not taken many pictures recently so it was good to get a film finished, I think there might even be one more picture from my train journey back from Auckland in July at the beginning.

This expotition (go read Winnie the Pooh if you think I've spelt that wrong!) was cooked up by the other 3 late last night after a few glasses of wine so I got a text as I climbed into bed saying how about it - leave at 9am tomorrow? Apparently Marion thought I was probably the only one prepared to rearrange life at such short notice and go... not entirely sure if that's a compliment or not but I'm glad she texted. It did occur to me as I fell asleep that Marion's walks usually end up somewhat more than you bargain for (as some of you out there know only too well!) but despite her not having done some of it for 6 years, us having no map and the signposts being decidely few and far between and conspicuous by their absense at some cruicial points we got where we intended, and on schedule too!!!!

Ah well I guess I'd better at least try to get some of the things I was going to do today done before the rest of the day slips by, altho a wee 'nana nap' on the sofa (as Chris would call it) does have a certain appeal after all that fresh air and exercise... or maybe I should just go and make a cuppa?

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