Wednesday, September 13, 2006

meanderings in the Ministry

This morning not long after I'd got up my mind meandered from thinking about what herbs & spices I could just take to JYF Camp from my own cupboard instead of us buying new packets to thinking about resources for Travelling in the Ministry - quite where the jump came from I'm not sure - somewhere between the cumin and the oregano...?

Travelling in the Ministry is something I've been thinking a lot about lately as it is something I'm very much feeling called to do when my time as Resident Friend ends in April - the logistics of it all are way off being sorted and it'll no doubt take several months of Quaker process to get clearness let alone the relevant paperwork sorted should it be taken on by MM (it would realistically require extending my visa although I could do it on a tourist one if need be, all very complex and not for this post!). But anyway what I would do rather than how I would get to do it was what gained another dimension this morning. It was one of those d'oh moments - I have a reputation with one of my friends for pointing out 'the bleedin' obvious' when he just can't see it, I can't believe it took me this long to spot 'the bleedin' obvious' for myself this time.

The main focus of my thoughts for Travelling have been around work with (older) children within Meetings (having already helped 2 Meetings look at this and have another workshop coming up in November), and running mixed/any age workshops which especially within smaller Meetings meets many needs.

The d'oh realisation was that I have the WGYF study books as fantastic resources for this - part of the 'problem' over here is a tendency on certain vocal Friends behalf to regularly point out this 'not Britain Yearly Meeting' and be over sensitive to stuff coming from there (including Resident Friends!). There is so much in those books from around the world and sharing about international Quakerism in it's many and varied forms is something very dear to my heart. Having helped produce both study books through a process of blood, sweat and tears I know them intimately - but like with many painful processes once over there is tendency to put them on a shelf and overlook them for a while. I might still be selling copies all over the place but actually looking inside them for myself hasn't happened for some time. So many new ideas running around for possible sessions now - all quite exciting really!

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