Friday, September 22, 2006

off again!

I'm heading off in the morning for a fortnight - a week of JYF Camp (13-15yr old Quakers!) at the Top of the South where I'm doing the catering and then a weeks holiday visiting various friends up in Auckland and Top of the North, nothing like doing things the easy way...

Given how busy the diary is looking here I'm glad I've got a week to recover from JYF Camp before coming back as there is no way I could be up and providing yet more breakfasts all week.

So anyway I'll be out of email and mobile/cell phone range most of the time except for the when we tramp to Separation Point where apparently if you climb half way up the lookout, stand on one leg, hold your phone out in front of you as far as you can reach and make sure you hold your mouth right you can, if you are lucky, get a signal (according to Bridie), and reception when I get to Diggers Valley sounds like it's much the same! Mind you Bridie and I did hit on the idea of sending our phones off to Takaka with Julian when he goes to drop Bridget off half way through the week to pick up any text messages for us - how sad can you get?! Not quite as sad as us girlies last night though - four of us watching Moulin Rouge (and a couple of episodes of Bagpuss for good measure!) and only Fran with dry eyes by the end. Thankfully she didn't take the threatened photo...

Anyway, need to pack... cheerio!

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