Tuesday, September 05, 2006

soap bubbles

Life feels like I'm in the middle of a soap opera at the moment - not for the first time and no doubt not for the last either. I can remember a conversation years ago where a bunch of us decided that if Eastenders or Neighbours took our lives for a script it would be considered too far fetched to be true - what I can't remember is which bit of our lives was in question at the time, there are several contenders!

What keeps coming back to me amidst all of this is the quote Rosie had as the signature of her emails 'How excellent! Everything's going exactly according to plan' - it certainly didn't seem like it at the time we were emailing about WGYF I can tell you (altho' it all worked out in the end) and there are many times in my life when 'according to plan' is about the last way I'd've described it all. But looking back on those times now so many of those experiences have come in mighty handy recently.

So whilst I'm blowed if I know what the 'plan' currently is I'm wondering what the universe is up to this time and what lessons am I supposed to be learning or be showing I've learned (in the hope that history won't repeat itself yet again thank you very much). It's become a matter of faith, listening to what feels right, and trusting that a way will open and all will become clear in time. That and having the courage to act as led and accept the outcome.

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Aimee said...

"Plan" has become a funny word to me. Years ago I had roommates who would use this word often and I began to realize if something was "the plan" that meant it wouldn't happen AT ALL the way we talked about!
We began to give each other knowing looks when those words were said - 'the plan' - realizing we had no idea what would really happen in the end.
It either helps you become more flexible...or more crazy. =)