Wednesday, December 21, 2005

humbugs (& turkish delight)

proper black and white stripey ones - jar full of 'em in the earthquake cupboard!

interesting Jewish site about Christmas - possibly with an axe to grind but none the worse for it

disgruntled cinema goer last night when leaving 'Narnia' muttering about religious nonsense - er, hadn't they read the book first? Why had they gone to see it?

I must admit I had huge reservations as to what they would do to the book but I'll let them off the occassional tweak of dialogue and the scene setting air-raid as all in all it was pretty impressively well done. Oh I could wax lyrical for pages bout it, Cookie and I were like a pair of big kids at the end being all excited - I think Fran could just about own up to knowing us though by the time we left the cinema! One of the many books that really did need to wait for special effects and costume etc to reach their current amazing standards. Another jewel in the crown for Weta and yet more stunning New Zealand scenery - the thing is will they film the other 6?

Ah well best get on with the day - just another day in Paradise! Well; Middle Earth, Narnia - where next? Pern? If Peter Jackson is twiddling his thumbs now King Kong is out maybe there's another project for him - altho' if he want's to do The Hobbit first then that's fine by me!

Oh and I'm finally off to see Harry Potter tonight... =) What a week!

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martin said...

Could be worse, some publications are claiming that Jewish viewers may feel duped.

I've also seen a lot of reviews slating it for being too simplistic - good v evil and all that. Hello? It's *Narnia*.

Similarly, lots of critics here panning Lassie for being, well, Lassie. Again, *it's Lassie*.

Kong's good though. Very good. Serkis will be denied another richly deserved Oscar. There's a *very* nasty creepy crawly bit which is Shelob turned up to 11... Richard Taylor taking the mick again.