Friday, December 02, 2005

Wellington quotes

Wellington quotes 1
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Around Wellington waterfront are a series of quotes from various authors and whatnot about Wellington. I love them, I have a tendency to collect quotes and have them stuck up around the house, some in a wee book I carry round with me and a larger one I've built up over the years. The idea of them being scattered (seemingly literally in the case of this one!) around for you to come across to me is just great.

I've taken a heap more pictures of the waterfront which I'm gradually uploading to Flickr - I usually come back that way when I've been into town. It's like coming home through Princes Street Gardens, the Meadows or along the canal - a haven from traffic and a totally different sense of space and environment just a stones throw from the city centre.

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Anna Dunford said...

What I should perhaps point out for those who aren't familiar with Flickr (yet!) is if you click on the photo you get linked through to Flickr, then when there if you click on photostream you get a wee slide show of all the latest pics, or click through them one at a time by clicking on the 'next' button over on the right, or if you scroll down a bit you'll see where it says 'Wellington set' and you can just do a slide show of my Wellington pics (or another time, whatever event etc it was from).

If you are bored and fancy some random viewing click on the 'Explore Flickr' - just don't blame me if your work productivity grinds to a halt...