Thursday, December 22, 2005

techie help needed!

ok, I'm determind to learn how to do this before the year is out as I know it is one of those 'it is easy when you know how' things...

How do I put embedded links in my text?

See, told you it was something easy, so easy in fact that assumes you know how to do it and doesn't include it in it's help pages! They obviously hadn't reckoned on folk like me managing to blog...

I know the majority of you reading this know how, so can someone put me out of my bamboozelled state please?

ta very muchly =)


Anonymous said...

Like this...

Ruaridh's second birthday

Of course that won't show up as it will just give you the link - so now I'll space it all out and tell you about it...

You start off by opening an html tag which is a <
then put the command itself in which is a href=
It is important to have no spaces at the front but you have to have one between a and href

Then you put a set of quotes followed immediately by your link (copy and paste from your browser command line and include all the http://www bits)

Then you close the quotes (we're talking double quotes here ") and close the tag >

Phew - almost there - now you put in the text you want to highlight. So you may want to put something like
PurPur is a fab cloth nappy site
Sorry - couldn't help myself.

Then all you do is close the command which is
bracket < then /a then close bracket >
The slash is very important as that tells you it is the end of the command. Put them all together so you have only four characters - I can't show you exactly as blogger is taking it for real html.

So in summary you are putting:
Open bracket <
command a href=
Quote "
Link http://www......
Close quote "
Close bracket >
Text for link
Close command with brackets < then /a then > (remove the thens!)

Easy huh?

And yeah - it's Lucy - haven't logged onto blogger yet - so just doing this anonymously - and yes it is very early - but I can't sleep so am up in search of food...

You know that would have been easier to write down than to type in here but it keeps trying to be clever and read all the code so I have probably really confused you now...

Have a look at this site if I have completely lost you. You can see the text all laid out for you to copy.

flurble said...

ha. my mum would sympathise. she told me she wanted to learn to make a website. after an exhausting afternoon I think we've got the hang of opening word (openoffice when she gets home) and hitting "insert hyperlink" :-)

martin said...

Lucy hasn't worked out how to do the 'other' option for leaving comments either ;-)

Anyway, it's thusly (assuming Blogger's commenting doesn't mess up the code):

Text I want to link

Lucy said...

I really have no idea what Martin is talking about - but have just realised I do have a blogger sign on!

kate said...

Um, I was gonna say, surely there's an easier way, surely blogger has a link button, like a little world with a chain symbol on it, so's you can select the text you want to link to, click the link button, and paste in the url into the dialog box it opens. Then I had a quick look at blogger's help, and um, try here... :)

Anna Dunford said...

ta very muchly all of you - now why the dickens a search of the help pages didn't come up with the page Kate found is beyond me - probably another classic case of if you don't know what you are looking for you have't a hope of finding it...

can't promise I'll get it right first time but at least I now know how to try!

Paul L said...
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