Friday, December 16, 2005

sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits...

Yesterday evening was glorious, after deliberating as to whether I should do some of the many things on my to do list I was kindly persuaded by Pamela (the artist who has a studio round the back of the QMH) to go for a walk instead.

One of the joys of living here is Mount Victoria being on my doorstep (well, down the road, round the corner, up a bit, up a bit more...). So many paths to chose from that I seldom do exactly the same route twice in a row. Last night I followed yet another new path - up to the lookout on the top, well up to my lookout - the 'offical' one was somewhat busy so I headed up to the trig point and sat leaning against it looking out over to the hills beyond Wellington to the west and north. I was filled with an incredible sense of calmness and the ability to just sit and watch the world go by; no spinning head chuntering on at 100mph, no worries, no feeling of 'ought to be doing...' (even if I should!). It was great - an oasis of tranquility in life.

I'd been pondering on the way up (and I'm begining to think I may qualify for Marion's asthma research after all - all will be revealed next week...) about astrology, well to be more specific Carpricorn women. I know a ridiculous number of them and have recently discovered a couple more. Looking round there are two things that strike me about the ones I know (self included!) - firstly how many of them are single/divorced (I can think of about two who aren't and both of those are on their second, or more, long term relationship), and the other is how many of them dedicate so much of their lives to their faith (including working lives) and even the ones in fairly mainstream professions tend to be singled out as being the 'human face' of them, the ones who actually care about the people rather than just the number crunching or whatever. I've kind of got used to being single now, and certainly to living out my faith. So maybe I should just accept that this is what life has in store for me and get on with it? It was with this thought that I had arrived at the top of the hill, the sense of calmness I found there makes me think that for once I might just have hit upon what life is trying to tell me the easy way (albeit via a very steep path!).


flurble said...

does that mean you are a capricorn?

my sister is a capricorn. so far, she is not divorced.

Anna Dunford said...

Give her chance - she hasn't even married Giz yet!!

But yup - I'm a Capricorn, altho' I seldom fit the 'traditional' Capricorn picture which describes us as finishers, seeking wealth and being ambitious! I'm more a pick up and run with someone elses idea but leave someone else to wrap up the loose ends (which is why I'm here and not in Birmingham this weekend!). Ambitious - certainly not in the usual career sense (er career? What's one of those...) and as for seeking wealth, spiritual wealth perhaps, wealth of experience, friendships etc sure but money? Methinks not.